Between the Silence | Raconteurs

My cool friends created a writers collective and I get to be a part of this team of story-tellers. We call ourselves the raconteurs. I wrote a response for prompt #1, thought I’d share here. Go check out our website for more wordy musings!

You know what they all say. You’re really only going to keep in touch with 4-5 of your friends in college – or high school, for that matter – after you graduate. So choose wisely. (Welcome to the “real world”?).

Prompt #1 – Write an anonymous letter to a person who you know you will not be in contact with after you graduate.

Dear ol’ friend,

“We are so similar, yet so different.”

I said these words to you that one night we stayed up together for the first time, talking endlessly on our beds; back when time didn’t feel so limited. I was still learning what it meant to trust a new friend with my heart, and it began with you that night. Your story inspired me.

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