About Me:

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My name is Angela Cho. You can call me Angie if you want (I actually really like nicknames <3)
This blog’s name is a play on words with my name, if you ever wondered. I do not think I would actually choose to eat chocolate gelato- I much prefer vanilla ice cream.

I am full Korean, 1.5 gen. Age 24.
I resided most of my life in the sunny land of Southern California. Ironically, I am happiest in gloomy and chilly weather, enjoy winter fashion, and adore all things Fall-esque.

I fancy hand-lettering, capturing moments through photos, food, cat art, iced coffee, derpy dogs, watercolor painting, and feel-good music; a little of everything, no surprise here. If I see a dog, I will most likely scream or comment about it and forget about everything else happening around me for at least 5 seconds. I used to think I like to hermit, until I met people who accept me for who I am and that I love doing everyday life with. Still learning much about myself, HAH~ go figure! My soul thrives in a creative environment and with good vibes plus good company.

My second family is with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, and I can’t imagine college without this authentic community of passionate followers of Jesus. Truly, so many lifelong friendships have blossomed through pursuing the same mission, towards the Kingdom of God.

I am aspiring to be a future Registered Dietitian, currently pursuing a Master of Public Health at UCLA in the Community Health Sciences department. All in all, just seeing where God leads me with my passion in people, justice, health, and nutrition. I would love to someday work with a minority population in a multiethnic setting, aiding women, families, children. What and how I am unsure, but I am sure of being called to be a bridge builder. We shall see how things unfold, trying not to grip onto my own plans and I’m not too worried where I end up. 🙂

Did I give away my love language and myers briggs personality through this? Pfffft.. It’s a joke… Ha.. Ha… Ha.. I know, I’m just the funniest.

Aside from all the rather (un)interesting small talk,

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