About Me:


You can call me Angie. (read the very end sentence if you want the tldr)

I am a 25 y/o Korean American woman, 1.5 generation and residing in Southern California.

I was creating art and dreaming of new projects since I was a young gal, and am always deep down hoping for creative ventures in the midst of all the busy-ness of life. This is a safe haven sort of a place for me, to share some my raw thoughts, story, and express myself through words.

I spent my entire undergrad growing with IVCF chapter at CSULB. Truly, so many lifelong friendships have blossomed through pursuing the same mission, towards the Kingdom of God. In this period of my life, I learned that being Christian does not go against the fight for seeking justice in our world like racial or gender inequalities, but rather Jesus fights for these things as well.

In order to be equipped to make a difference in this big ol’ world, I followed God’s voice for me to pursue a graduate program to obtain a Master of Public Health at UCLA in the Community Health Sciences department. He paved the way for me to be here very clearly, and I’m still seeing where God leads me with my passion for connecting with people, seeking justice, being an advocate for mental health, creating access for communities to improve their health… all that shebang. I sometimes feel over ambitious, and at times too jaded to care (but we all somehow come back to our ideal superhero dreams, don’t we?). I would love to someday work with a minority population in health education and promotion, food security/access issues for women, children, and families. What and how I am unsure, but I am sure of being called to be a bridge builder.

When I’m not drowning in research papers or meeting deadlines, I am probably catching up with someone over coffee/food, playing games with friends, dreaming of unfulfilled goals, scrolling through blogs, or chasing down strangers’ doggos.

Aside from all the rather (un)interesting small talk,

(A real about me)

I stumble over my words and feel awkward easily, which I overcompensate for by laughing or smiling a bit too much. Often times don’t know how to receive or give love to the extent I want to due to fear. I wear my heart on my sleeve and can be unfiltered, yet I am super guarded and skeptical. I am too self-critical, stubborn, observant, overly sensitive or numb, a perfectionist, and sometimes emotionally impulsive or prone to migraines due to over thinking. I think a lot more than I express in words, surprisingly (… and trust me, I usually talk a lot). I absorb positive or negative energy all too easily, and while I tend to surround myself with constant company, I try to make sure I have enough space to keep myself balanced and in check. I underestimate time, sleep too little or too much, and am too many extremes that I may be either normal or completely insane. Complicated, weak, broken, weird. But the most important thing about me-

(My testimony)

I wasn’t supposed to be where I am today. But so my story goes…

Jesus called me by name, meeting me as a personal Lord and Savior one summer night in 2009 in the quiet, dark corner of my bedroom. He spoke to me so clearly, that I could not deny that the God of the universe was trying to get my attention. At that point, I realized that it’s either all or nothing- so I committed myself to follow Jesus, whatever the heck that meant. I didn’t grow up in church, I wasn’t sure what knowing God was supposed to mean- what the heck was a bible? In fact, I was scared, but more than that, I felt love in a way I never felt before and for once, I felt that I belonged somewhere. Maybe not really in a physical way. Since then, my life literally got flipped turned upside down.

I am still a complete mess, and what God intended as good we humans have twisted it. There’s so much divide, quarrels, hate over love. But, no matter how jaded I get with the world, or even get caught up in my own life (distractions, temptations, lies, or trying to be in control), Jesus brings me right back. Not with angry shouts or punishment, but with a gentle whisper of love. I know I can never go back to how my life was before, no matter how much I doubt or struggle, because I have found a joy and a new life that is seriously irreplaceable.  This new life is pretty freaking great, and God allowed me to find my purpose in life- to be loved by Him and to love others, enough to point them back to Him. Following Christ is not in the least easy, He never said it was; but it is worth it in my book. I’m still not 100% sure why God would love a brat that tries to control her life and run from His truth so often, but who the flip knows.

All that to basically say: I am another fellow human on earth just trying to figure out what life is all about and share what is important to me. Welcome to my world of blurbs.