About Me:


You can call me Angie.

I am full Korean, 1.5 gen. Age 25, I finally am in the adult category in most surveys that go up to 44 years old- what a GREAT FEELING!
I resided most of my life in the sunny land of Southern California. Ironically, I am happiest in gloomy and chilly weather, enjoy winter fashion, and adore all things Fall-esque.

I was creating art and dreaming of new projects since I was a young gal, and am always deep down hoping for creative ventures whether it be through writing, photography, painting, hand-lettering, or honestly playing with makeup.

I spent my entire undergrad growing with IVCF chapter at CSULB. Truly, so many lifelong friendships have blossomed through pursuing the same mission, towards the Kingdom of God. In this period of my life, I learned that being Christian does not go against the fight for seeking justice in our world like racial or gender inequalities, but rather Jesus fights for these things as well.

In order to be equipped to make a difference in this big ol’ world, I just started my program pursuing a MPH at UCLA in the Community Health Sciences department, seeing where God leads me with my passion for connecting with people, seeking justice, being an advocate for mental health, creating access for communities to improve their health… I sometimes feel over ambitious haha. I would love to someday work with a minority population in health education and promotion for women, children, and families. What and how I am unsure, but I am sure of being called to be a bridge builder.

When I’m not drowning in research papers or meeting deadlines, I am probably catching up with someone over coffee/food, playing PC games, or dreaming of unfulfilled goals. OR chasing doggos.

Aside from all the rather (un)interesting small talk,

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